Friday, May 6, 2011

Following Jesus?


Since 9/11, no matter how controversial it may be, Muslims have always been in the defensive. Almost every crimes committed by not that practising Muslims would be taken as a representative of Islam and every Muslim, almost 1.6 billions of them throughout the globe, across countries and races, cultures and climates. Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim organisations and individuals are always waiting eagerly for any common Muslims to be tempted to the dark side of himself and chose the alluring evil way which of course would be contradicting and violating the basis of Islam itself, so that they would have easy bullets to load and fire their hate guns, supposedly to out shame Muslims out of Islam. (Shying away non-Muslims from Islam is more likely).

In doing this, they have simply forgotten that the dark nature they had so eagerly anticipated so abundantly present in Muslims, exist in their own community and surroundings. But of course, unlike Muslims that were mysteriously intertwined with the bad Muslims that are not even obeying their religion's laws and ways, all these misguided people of their creed do not, I repeat, do not in any way would be representing their co-religionists' faith, ambition and aspiration. They are absolutely separate entities, unrelated to anyone whatsoever, no matter how similar they might have been from one another.

In South Korea, a man crucified himself to the cross in a desperate attempt of following the symbol of his faith.

"A South Korean man was found crucified, local police told CNN on Thursday.
Police in Munkyuong said they were overwhelmed with the investigation and declined to provide further details.
But local media depicted an elaborate reconstruction of the crucifixion of Jesus, with the victim wearing a crown of thorns and dressed only in his underwear. He put nails into the cross first, then drilled holes in his hands and hung himself on the cross, reports said."
Should all Christians be nailing themselves to the cross now?

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