Monday, May 30, 2011

Killing Civilians


The unrest in Syria and Yemen seem to be missing our attention. I don't know whether this is a deliberate move of news manipulation since everyone is busy bombing hideous killers of civilians in Libya, with themselves having slight differences from the supposed sick killers of helpless and hapless civilians. The definition of ‘civilian’ itself is interpreted differently based on who are the belligerents taking part in the act of killing the unlucky ‘civilians’ and definitely based on whether there is oil involved or not. Lacking of this very important fuel for machines of highly advanced scientific terminator stuff would mean that you are number 129 in the priority list of things to do by a powerful military alliance, unmatched and unchecked by any.

These fancy terminator machines are the very symbol of achievement of humanity in our great humanistic age. A symbol of how far mankind has reached in the art of war and how it has perfected this art of killing without shame with a conscious mind. (His conscience would haunt him later on). Killing as effective and efficient as they can. With collateral damages as the side order.

Unlike us that has unlimited, impropriate ordinance of love for our loved ones, others’ loved ones are readily sacrificed on the altar of our precious, sacred freedom. Never to be touched by others’ filthy hands. Others’ freedom would of course end up under our fancy shiny perfect boots. A simple motto of our modern, very modern way of life, the survival of the fittest. The problem begins only when we do the dying part instead of the killing part, that is when humanity and civil conduct beginning to play their part. Not before.

This is the golden rule governing many people today that believed it with their heart that ‘might is right, money talks and you know who walks’. It is after all a dog eat dog world and we know how dogs behave. They have the tendency to bite people that pet them. Especially not suspecting people. No room for civilized mercy and appropriateness in handling opposing civilians. Let’s have the terrorists worry about that. As the word ‘civilian’ has many different interpretation and connotation between people and nations, the word ‘terrorist’ and ‘terror’ also have almost similar problems.

How the clowns try to entertain the world by playing the role of chivalrous knights of justice against the well-known boogiemen of the day, Al-Qaeda and tyranny. The shadow man under our bed would never harm us. It’s the golden rule. The question is, how long would they be playing by this golden rule? When would it be our turn to play the deserving to get bombed bad guys? Choose your patron well. You’ll never know. Gaddafi found it out the hard way.

Syrian tanks attack three central towns
Yemen opposition 'willing to tackle al-Qaeda'
Nato air strike 'kills 14 civilians' in Afghanistan

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