Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Hate


I hate killers of the weak
I hate the lame excuses they gave for having to kill so many

I hate killers of the unarmed
I hate the governments that harm their own people with arms

I hate killers of the hungry
I hate the fat people that starved them to win wars

I hate baby killers that kill babies and children
I hate their very existence, how they walk and talk

I hate rapists that rape
I hate how these beasts turned bliss into such vile

I hate the rich that look down on the not so rich consumers
I hate them for forgetting who had put them in such a place in the first place

I hate manipulators that manipulate
I hate them for destroying other's prosperity so they can prosper on people's misery

I hate liars that lie and lie and lie
I hate their cowardliness in justifying themselves to me

I hate people that hate just for the sake of hate
So I hate and I hate and I hate.

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