Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beginning of The End


How far have we walked to get here?
Looking back at things left behind
All of the memory
All of the glory

The journey was long and painful
Everyone was filled with hope
Everyone had something to fear
Everyone must have something to gear

Then the nobles declared nobly
The fools are now kings
The kings are now fools

The 600 dollar wiremen now earn 6,000 a month
The tapper tapped more money than the wise man that had taught many


Everything is possible
Even though that possibility is not necessarily for everybody

Some must be sacrificed in order to win hearts and minds of the 'people'
Some must be neglected in order not to neglect the 'people'
Some must be left behind so that the 'people' would smile and smile effortlessly

So we must start peoplelising everything and everyone
People this and people that
Except the nobles and their nobly friends

Could all people have their peoplely rights?
Without any people end up feeling that they were not peoplely treated right?

The rich and the poor are people

What lies between them are the otherwise
In the land of Negri Antah Berantah
In the land of a far, faraway land.

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