Sunday, October 2, 2011




Is there such a thing? I mean if we're perfect, why should there be two places waiting for us when we're done here? Why should good has evil as its pair? Why should we exist in the first place if any of us can find perfection without try and error? Are we without lust and desire like the angels? Were we created out of light?

"I was afraid that I had to be perfect to become Muslim. Now I realize that balancing this struggle is at the root of submission to God. As long as I make the effort, I see the rewards tumble into my life threefold. It takes perspective and patience to interpret the blessings sometimes, as I still struggle through Ramadan and my five-daily-prayers, but I am beyond grateful."

So many people around us trying to act smart by making others the fools, but sadly, not much wisdom around to comfort the man that has to balance the beast and the good, deep within himself.

For having to endure such gross error, I have to be reminded with my own shortcomings. But, tolerance has a limit. Should it not?

Can those who like to make others laugh in religious discourse make their audience cry? This I can't help but wonder. Can those who love to call people as fools and idiots be the inheritor of the way of the Prophet s.a.w.?

If so, then no one would become a Muslim because of the wrong message and the wrong way we're adopting to uphold righteousness. And that would be a total shame.

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