Thursday, December 22, 2011

Freedom of What?


Some people are really not entitled to champion anything. What they did to others and how they did it in such a sick evil way unimaginable to the decent standard of humanity strip them off from that 'holier than thou' ranks. It is like the devil calling the man devil, it is like the sadistic, rapist killer that cried foul when someone returns the favour to him.

Whistle blowers as what people called them expressed their freedom of choice and voice. But this freedom of choice is not that welcomed in certain 'elite' quarters championing unlimited freedom of getting rich while suppressing other's freedom to live in peace and harmony. People must not know how devilish their quarters are. People must only see the demonic side of the common enemies. The common enemies that are everywhere in the whole wide world, the common enemies that hate them to their bones!

The common enemies that sought for their utter destruction and thus deserved to be annihilated to utter ruins. In order to have security, everyone that oppose us must die. And that means everyone, their friends, families and even their little children. They deserved everything that they get. Who asked them to meddle with the greatest democracy of the world? Who asked them to dare to attack and bomb the greatest civilised country in the world? Who asked them to threat the security of the highly democratic people with joke bombs like the shoe bomb and the underwear bomb? That was totally ridiculous. Threat us with predator drones, tomahawks, depleted uranium bombs and Willy Petes. That's how you bomb people, silly. That's how you fight wars. Just kill 'em all! Especially those who cannot kill you back. Especially those unarmed and too young to fight you off. That's how brave warriors fight nowadays.

No one has the right to kill in cold blood our friends and families. No one has the right to torture sadistically our kins and kith. No one has the right to skin the face off our faces when we are still alive, struggling in agony, hands bound to the back and humiliated. No one has the right to laugh when they are doing such despicable things to us. Only we are entitled to be hideous and revolting monsters.

Monsters are real. Look at yourself in the mirror and you'll see one. Look at your hands. The blood, it won't come off. The Whistle Blowers saw and knew these monsters. They decided to do something about it. They decided to not be a part of the monstrosity. Bradley Manning was one of them. Maybe we should too.

Remember the Whistle Blowers. Remember their courage and sacrifices.

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