Friday, December 30, 2011

Unbelievable Fairy Tale of Iraq


How sad. Ended up being dependent on the same monster that destroyed you. Imagine having to beg the very same people that raped and humiliated you in blatant disgrace. Fools are cursed to repeat their history. Only the dead are spared from repeating their gruesome error.

Op-Ed: Time’s up, America’s leaving Iraq, except it’s not

By  Lynn Herrmann

" In the U.S, politicians are addicted to war, and are no different than a hooker addicted to coke. In their drug-induced stupor, each is still able to provide satisfaction on some level. For the politician, it comes in the form of knowing his or her pockets are always lined.
It would be easy enough to call the U.S. exceptional, and for some, even easier to believe the title. What is exceptional, truly, is the fact it is the world’s leading mass murderer of the last 75 years. All without a single one of its political leaders being convicted, much less tried, of war crimes.
For those unfamiliar with the concept of weapons manufacturing and its ties to the U.S. political machine, Kevin Phillips’ American Dynasty should be required reading.
Here’s what America is leaving, and it’s all in Iraq. We’re leaving behind a country where millions and millions of its citizens were internally and externally displaced, maimed, raped, tortured, killed, humiliated, and assaulted - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Let us not forget the deformed babies.
America’s package is a bellicose attitude toward everyone in the Middle East who has a supply of oil, and always egged on by the mind-fuck called Israel, another burr under the saddle blanket of civilization.
The largest U.S. embassy on the planet is located in Baghdad, Iraq. Anyone who believes we built such a monstrosity only to turn it over to the world’s oldest culture is a complete fool."

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