Friday, May 4, 2012

A Leader of Chaos

I'm a leader of chaos
I befriend the proud and the rich
I use the poor and the confused
I'll make sure everyone would lose

I smile at my own ingenuity
I smile at the buffaloes
I smile at the monkeys
Who think that I can lead
Chaos and anarchy

Let me lead you to the path of destruction
Let no man and law stand in our way

Let me lead you to the path of self-indulgement
Let no man restrained from self-fulfillment

I'm a leader of chaos
Too bad you're on the side of the bleeding heads
Too bad you have to waste millions to hear my demands
Too bad you're tainted with my stunts

Just remember not to create chaos in my domain
Just remember not to unleash anarchy in my backyard
Only I am entitled to do it.
Only I am proud enough to be it.

This poem is dedicated to leaders of chaos and anarchy all over the world, especially in my own  backyard.

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