Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Trials of Life


Welcome to the real world
It is full of sadness and cruelty
Where the vicious were not always punished by the laws of men all the time
Where the liars are praised and bathed in the glory of their lies most of the time

Don't be sad, don't be confused
That is why you are you and they are them
It's what make us different from one another
It's what define a man apart from the beast

Welcome to the real world
You're bound to make mistakes from time to time
You're bound to forget your mission and purpose in all due time
Blinded by the glittering beauty and wealth around us
It's hard not to be complacent

But don't worry
It happened then and it will happen again

Don't worry
It shows that you're only a human you
So don't try to be an angel, be the human you
So don't try to be the devil, be the human you

Welcome to the real world
When all is lost and you're alone
Remember the blessings you had then
Remember the blessings you will have tomorrow

For time will always take its turn
There's time for leisure as there's time for sorrow

But don't forget
The happiness that we had and have here
And the ever lasting happiness that awaits those who are steadfast in truth.

So, good luck, I say to you
So, good luck I bid you
Hope to be your company in the garden of forever youth.

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