Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama: Safety n Excuses

It seems that some deluded Americans (especially trying 2 make a point that somehow out of the blue, Muslims would have wanted Mr. President Obama to be put to death because of apostasy. Hmm. Why can it be eh? Are U planning something bad Mr. Zionist Goyyimshits?

Look up the news guys. In the free land of the USA, protesters are allowed 2 carry guns, well, in Obama's case, automatic rifle that would make any terrorist envy of course. N what made it even funnier was the ones that were supposed to be guarding their leader said they were trying to protect both sides. Is this a joke of a stupid man with guns or what? Gladly this kind of freedom of goyyim shits are not happening in the lands of the Malay.

Can't imagine what would had happened to the Malays n Indians n Chinese when they were trying to cull the pigs during the plague sourced from the pigs, when angry n forever hungry UnConFuCious Chinese threw Molotov Cocktails n axes at them.

N also the always drunk Hindu Indians that didn't even ever read their holy scriptures, the Puranas of course, that had told them about Kalki Avatar. Yes, this is why the first pure Hindu, no, not the idol worshiper drunkard with todi n Kamasutra. I'm talking about the Hindu Malays of the Nusantara, the Malay Archipelago when merchants from the Arab world came to their shores. With an exception of Balinese of course.

Yes, that is why Islam were so easily accepted by the Hindu Malays of the Nusantara. We were waiting for the Kalki Avatar of course. We were not intoxicated by Samsu n Sex like the Hindus of Kamasutra in the land of the Hindu Indians. We were very, very much different from them. Their holy men never bathes accept cow's urine n roll over for hundred of miles on dusty road full with cows' shits to make the world a better place or trying to make a point or something beside being dizzy of course.

Mr. Obama sir, I do care for your safety. With the number of guns running freely in the USA, your high schools' shootings that rival the street wars in Iraq, I do hope U made it until the end of your terms. Disregard whatever U can achieve for the Christian n Muslim Palestinians. Mr. President, I salute U. I hope I could say May Allah protect U always, but what the Americans did in Iraq n Afghanistan n Pakistan forbid me to.

Oh, before I forgot, it was the Christian Palestinians that first opposed the Zionist Jews when they terrorized the British n everyone to build an illegal country made of the blood of the innocents not on their own lands. Ask the British. They know. They r just being hush, hush. For the Zionist got their balls, like always. CFI, AIPAC, Nukes. U Zionist r totally cowards, right down to the core!

My Keris, no, not a toy newbie keris sold at some shops. The Keris that had tasted blood of course, passed down through generations, safely wrapped in yellow clothing for safe keeping. I'm saving my Keris for your stupid move Zionist Scum! Waiting 4 that time, when it came. It won't be your lies n twisted truth that I'm going to slay. Do nuke us. I dare U!

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