Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Quotations below are vile attack by cowardly Kiasu ever hungry Unconfucious Chinese that dwells in the lands of the Malay. The actual resources from the blog has been deleted of course. That sure shows something eh? I mean her/his 'bravery'.

"Who is this bastard of a Mohd. Ridhuan"

"What sort of fucking Dr. r u"

"Has everything be reduced to your fucking religion

"R your parents still alive mohd ? If they r not, their bones must be rattling in their graves,if they r they must be hiding in shame to know that a son they brought into the world is now considered a bastard by every non muslim n also by real muslims"

"They would b happier now if they had flushed u down the toilet when u were born".

"U have tainted your family with your stupidity for monetary gain. Your conversion was not through conviction, it was with an ulterior motive".

"As for your children they won’t be carrying your name. They will be ahmad bin abdullah or something akin to that. 2 generations down they will be saying “I don’t know who the fuck my grandfather is. He was an arsehole who brought shame to the family”. They will be like bastards who can’t trace a family history".

"If u can be the president of the chinese muslim association I shudder to think what the other chinese muslims r like………? Thieves, robbers, criminals or some other unsavoury characters".

Savvy eh? Don't worry, hang on tight DAP poo, I'm coming 4 u guys. I had enough fun with the rest of the Liars n Haters throughout the world. It's time 4 me 2 teach U cowards a lesson.

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