Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Sweet Dream

Last night I had the most wonderful dream that I have ever had for a long time now.Well, not counting the wet dreams when I was a teenager of course. The dream was about my dream. A Union of free writers, dedicated to debunk all the hate websites, sponsored with millions of dollars just to shame Non Muslims 2 even look at a glance of Islam n Al Quran, n of course painting a hideous face 2 all Muslims.

I was laughing happily with my comrades throughout the world, of different faces n colours, looking n discussing at stupid lies n mockery of the Liars n Haters throughout the net. When I heard the Subuh Azan in the distance, I woke up, but the feel good feeling stayed with me for a long time even after I had woken up. It is an experience I had almost forgot of since I saw the awful pictures of babies, toddlers, children, women n old folks being treated worst than the Mountain Gorillas.

Alhamdulillah. I can still experience the sweet dreams once more..

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