Friday, August 21, 2009


Which is the best? Well, for a Malay such as me, sadly to say, it is a question that I myself is reluctant to answer. When Dr. M was the PM, my answer would be obvious. But then all good things do have an end. It is only a reminder from Allah the limit of the human beings.

Among the deadliest sins of all is arrogance. Well, to be precise, it was the first sin ever committed against God. Who was the culprit? It was Azazil, the mightiest n smartest n the pious of them all, the angels I mean.

Read up boys n girls. Don't easily fancy those who claim they are Islamist or a better Muslim or their truth is the best truth among the truth.

Why? Well, truly speaking? Those who are righteous won't be so eager to promote himself to the world as a righteous person. Look at Confucious n the righteous characters of the world in the history of man. Hitler did claimed he was righteous n the result, a bloody history never to be forgotten by anyone.

This is the dilemma faced by Malays nowadays. Either party is seen to be ever willingly to kiss the 'but' of the minority with the expenses of the majority of course. Either party is so willingly to apologize or 'kow tow' to the minority without even thinking or considering the feelings of the majority. What is the decisive vote actually in an election? The minority or the majority? U politicians have ashamed yourself. You have no standing point. You have no character. You have no idealism. You are not willing to die for what U believe in. Not like Dr. M.

You are easily shaken with the fear of losing votes from the minority when it is the majority that you should have 'taken',ops, given first priority. You have forgotten about us. The professionals, the learned ones among the Malays, the industrious. But you are ever willing to reward those who chose to wiggle their happy feet with free 25 grand house after you have previously granted their laziness with an acre or three acre of land, for being so unproductive. Do check out the houses, the lands that you have given for free to eh, share the wealth of the Nation. Is it fair?

As always, the deluded Malays sold or rent them of course. Check it out if you don't believe me. No, don't ask your contractors. Ask the wise ones. Not the fat bellied contractors that claimed they are loyal party members.

What did you give to the industrious? For those who strive to gain more knowledge or giving more to the society, to the people or the customers they are dealing with? A promotion that is a joke to all. What is a mere 100 to 200 ringgit of promotion (44) compared to those who got 400 to 500 ringgit quantum leap by not having a first degree at all? (32) Yes, yes, the 41 question. Remedy it. Award those who excel n strive. Not for just being there! N doing nothing of course but wait for the luxurious time based promotion. Award those who strive to upgrade themselves n the society indirectly. No, not with your money. No shares of the wealth of the Nation for these guys. They bleed,(yes, not bled, the blood is still oozing) n suffered all by themselves only to be ignored of course.

Give loans, not bribes. Share the wealth of the Nation. Don't just throw it away just like that. Anything free won't be treasured. It is hard work n pain that makes it all worth while. Trust me. What do you mean exactly by sharing the wealth of the Nation. Go check your conscious with reality. They won't vote for you anyway. Trust me. I know. I am deep among the grass root level remember? I am alias.

PAS has become a liability to the Muslims. They just don't know it yet. They are ever willing to hug n kiss DAP leaders who declared proudly they are against the rule of Allah. But as always, would find it hard to collaborate by give n take with UMNO, their own brother in faith who God had commanded never to be insulted, to be killed nor to be stolen of their rights. Yes. The basic rules of Muslim brotherhood. They are so eager to work with the eaters of the eaters of vile, but so reluctant to work with their own brothers. Hudud? It is just an excuse. Know this. God's wrath is upon those who can only talk but could not walk the talk. I still remember the empty promises of a long bearded n big turbans around his head that if he is granted the power to rule, he would implement the Hudud before the first crow of the proud cockerel. Hmm. What makes U so different with UMNO when it comes to Hudud? Kelantan still don't have them for years now. They cooked up poor excuses of course n yet, none from UMNO could use it to debunk their poor lies.

As for MIC. I don't know which is better, Hindraf or them. Well, the Malays have this label for them. The 'lalang'. The tall grass of the plains. They would bend according to the flow of the breeze of course.

What? MCA n Gerakan? They are DAP deep to the bone. Haven't U figure it out Mr. Smartie pants?

PKR? the 'but' n 'but' issues would even baffled the Japanese. If it was a Japanese. He would cut his own bowel n asked his wife to cut off his head to free himself from shame. A Malay? Act like Hindu Indians of course. Twisting n kept on twisting. Let's do the twist of course. Do U know the song? Come on baby, let's do the twist.Whop, whop!

Learn something from the gentlemen of the west, the British n the guillotine Frenchie. (Off with their head scarfs nowadays) They had nothing to loose if they give their minority their rights n yet they chose not to. Not after exhaustive plea n certain promises of course. U? U r ever willingly to sold us out!
Politics, stranger n stranger as it gets.

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