Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Islamic Attack

Islamophobes kept on saying that all the terror that the West experienced a couple years back and of course, the fear of the inevitable future attack was an Islamic attack.

Well, I just have this to say to them. If it was an Islamic attack, you won't have the terrorists as your major concern and I won't be busy blogging now ok. I would be joining hundreds of millions of Muslim brave in a global jihad beyond any recordings of history. None of the baby killers would be relaxing flying their fancy drones and blowing up the helpless civilians some 500 hundred miles away from the kill zone. Especially not the tyrants that gave the order and manipulating them. They would be the first priority.

Everyone is afraid of the Muslim terrorists. They have forgotten about the Mukminin, Muqarabbin and the Muttaqin. If you are facing an onslaught by the true warriors of Islam, it would only be an answer to a deadly threat and a tyranny that had lost its remarkable degree of acceptance by the Muslim world. I pray that won't happen. But if it does come, I pray that the Muslim world is ready in facing the cold blooded killers that are so fond of killing and too afraid to die. So Islamophobes, don't be afraid. You are quite safe actually. Many helpless Muslims are not. They are in the line of fire by your cowardly soldiers that are invading and looting their lands at this very moment in real time. They are stuck in an anarchy that you have so unjustly caused. I wonder if they have the same fear as you do. But don’t worry, they are sub-humans. They don’t deserve the fancy treatment of your highly civilised world. The Muslims are mere cockroaches.

Sleep well now you hear. Savour the moment of this short-lived time we have on this earth. Nothing is forever. Justice will be served. Amin.

To the killers and oppressors of the weak, know this. Your blatant oppressions would end when you have done enough damage to yourself. You will taste the pain of death a million times more than those you have so proudly tortured and killed unjustly. And no pain killers will help, trust me. It just numbs the body for your family to see. Just wait and see. Just wait and see.

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