Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Time of Reflection

Is it so difficult in reaching God?
Does one need to be so eager in rejecting the proof laid in front of him?

How about the ear of the cattle so explicitly mentioned about those who tried to be god?

A fact about cloning so luckily been guessed by a desert dweller
Unlettered but yet so close and friendly to the secretive lot
That would share all the secret of Judaism and Christianity
To be plagiarised and added up
By the one that does not know how to read and write
Now, won’t his friends have a little doubt?

Find a man that can't read and write
Tell him the entire secret, the tales and facts
Let him copied all the wealth of books
Let him memorised them all in details
Wait and see

Would he come out with such a heavy book?
More in colours, depths and details
Than you have ever thought

Remember it was only your own fault
For sharing such a heavy knowledge
With the one that cannot read nor write
That is not even a priest or monk of the same faith as yours

Why didn’t you put it in writings for such event?
As a recorded history for everyone to see
How this man unlettered
Had seek your knowledge and was a pupil of thee

Now won’t it be a surprise
And brings much goodness to thee
For you are actually the truth and the source
For the religion of peace.

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